29 December 2009

Here, read this.  This is normal to me, on how society sees the 10%.

In my sad cynicism, I'm only suprised that the family hadn't experienced this before.  VERY, VERY fortunate for them....

China has warned Britain that it must stop its fierce condemnation of the execution of Akmal Shaikh for drug smuggling, or risk harming diplomatic ties between the two countries.

Government ministers repeatedly called on China to show clemency because Shaikh was believed to suffer from severe bipolar disorder. On Tuesday, a spokeswoman for China’s foreign ministry expressed China’s anger at the British Government’s response to the death sentence.

“Nobody has the right to speak ill of China’s judicial sovereignty,” said spokeswoman Jiang Yu.


aahhhhh, poor, poor china.  Gonna cut diplomatic ties?  and watch the rest of your fucking more facist dicatorship than Communism or Marxism (Russia followed Marxism ya all, NOT communism....  look at a philosophical dictionary, or encyclopedia...) country go to pure Povertism??  You'll have two classes - your new bourgeois-have-only-broken stuff with sub standard quality items posioning their families, and the used-to-be-poor? 
(okay, off the wall rant.  But WTF?  A political system, once again, said IT was the only right way, every other way therefore, by logic, must be wrong.  Therefore, they can feel more comfortable as they hide behind thier thin veil of denial as they hide from the truth, lickin the Boots of Social Death)

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