25 December 2009

Holiday Happiness, Ya All!

still frustrated about the comment section. of course, this time of year for the old greased lightning fast answers by Google anyway.....

As usual whether surrounded or not, i am alone. I always feel lonely many times of the year, but this is the hardest. There seems to be so much fakeness in people. A few will talk to you during this time, then leave you again after the new days.
Other people look at the weird leper, and ostracize him further... we don't need "him" ruining our little party. ~what-EV-ER you stupid fucks~

It just seems so unreal, the "holiday spirit" - why doesn't it last? How do people just turn on and of their emotional perspective, and yet not understand that I’m just hardwired that way? Why do they pretend they feel you are one of the? They reject me the other 10 1/2 months or so... I’d rather NOT have these lies.

The social lies. The culture of denial unless someone does to you what you do to them. so many self centered shits around. and i have to live with one, as well as live AMONGST them. Them. the ever present "Them" of the insane, the conspiracy theorists... you push us away, so you become part of that "Them" - there is a real "Them" - that group of liars that calls itself society. society is for mutual help. If I'm productive, and give to society, why does it take and hinder? Then it tries to act holy and assist those that are a drain on society... So ya, there's Them, and then the them they create to feel good about the denial they have created concerning their shity isolation of US.

And over the course of 8 years, to various degrees, VOLUNTARIALLY was willing to give life, liberty, and limb to protect yours. You selfish mother fuckers. See you in hell, and you'll be at the BOTTOM OF MY PILE SHITHEADS.

yes, many of US hate the "Holidays"....

The best gift to give us?  Accept us ALL YEAR LONG....

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