02 December 2009

manic epiphany

I was headbanging, swinging, swaying to the beat.  focused.  empty minded again.  no thoughts.  loosing it with next song.  it begs me to ask if the is a song in the autistic persons mind that cant come out?  what creativity of sight and sound are we loosing????  what changes in perspective and increase our understanding of others????  questions of the ages.

maybe a touch more info is needed.  The inner peace I had totaly isolated me from all my senses except for sound.  Everything became much louder - the voices were gone, the distractions, and 100% thought was just on the rythm.
This made me wonder if we were missing a key something.  That it isn't them that can't talk to us, it is us that can't hear.  For what ever reason - it isn't in the typical human to have that something to hear.  So the result is what we interpret as the autistic spectrum.
These are the thoughts and feelings as they happen. The subject matter and verbage may be of a more mature nature, and may be considered sensitive by some. In respect for that, I shall try to remember to give headers (with some space before post) and attempt to just "suggest" sensitive verbage.

Peace, Blessings, I hope this can help some.