25 January 2010

Been very absent minded and spacey lately.  unemployment was finally straightened out due to a misunderstanding and forgotten information.  Been on instant messaging a lot lately.
Was looking at a video game, and Dire Straights "Money for Nothing" was on, and the way graphics has changed has been amazing.  the decreased pixel size, the rate of change, real time...  subtle variations in shate, tone, numbe of colors.  The physics engines.... textures, colors...
The i think of my two genrational cycles.  one now adays that probably has a 20 year bump and about a 28 year bump, based upon the normal birth focuses.  Also see a "High School" generational cycle where you have an age group that can relate to various pop culture, social, political and technological events.  However, people about 10 years apart don't have quite the same refrence points.  Like the social/self/cultural awareness and choices made in 8-12 grades, typically.
Im tired.  i want coffee and a cigarette.  so deal with the break. took a thinkism.  really glad about unemployment.  have to really focus and work to get some things done.  hope the schedule works as easy as I plan.
Well I am back from everything.  I really thin the last few dayshave ust been a completerelaxations from the uemployment thng.  I am now feeling more creative, so it's not as tough there.
man, really bad ADD today!!!  thinking bout too many things.  got to focus.  okay, final gulp of coffee, one last smoke, go go go!!!!!!

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