14 January 2010

The Calming Voice

I was talking to one of the many that have allowed me a peak into the lives of being a family with a member who is part of the Autistic Spectrum.
While I am sure the sources are different, the areas different causing different neurotansmitter imballances - even different areas broken, it all eventually deals with the memory/hypothalamus-pituitary juncture.  I really think there are certain standard commonalities between schizophrenia, Autism, ADHD and Bipolar.  I believe this to the level that they are one and the same in a genus sense, but not a specific sense.  Like having an achy body, upset stomach and mild fever.  Could be influenza, the common cold, swine flu, severe sinus infection.  Don't know if that makes sense, but it is important only to show why I think this exists and is similar.

Music soothes the RAGING BEAST.

Mother's voice brings us home, home to where we are safe and warm.  The rythmic patterns, the gentle tone, the loving words... this can bring peace, a calmness more potent than any other sensory based memory.  Textures, taste, smells, other sounds even, all are a cacophany compared to the mother's voice.  To the music which helps us break out of our endless loop.  Sometimes violent music, sometimes peacefull music..

Occasionally I have these hang ups, which my child (Asperger's) describes similarly.  We don't understand, it just seems our brain gets stuck on something, or stalls just before completing something.  We see the end, but there is like a gap that we can't cross - almost like the land mine around the old Berlin Wall.

no, i was actually quite nervous about being rude, and had this uncontrollable hang up with it
you're the calming voice in the storm of noise...
wow, you really, really are.
now THAT is a post: "The calming voice"... and use that phrase.
The previous brought to you by a conversation I had.  A lighthouse, if you will, that helps show the rocks in my harbor, so I can sail better than I would.  Something to give me direction.  And a voice, even when writen, can be heard and bring the sense of calming needed to jump whatever hurdle is in front of us.  To steer around the rocks and coral, make it safely not only into port, but to the peir.  A landing of the ship whithout any damage, with out the tug boat that was out of fuel and coasting near another ship bound to nowhere.

The calming voice in the storm of noise.  We all need one.  I hope you find yours, and that you find the strength to be one if so called upon.

Peace, Blessings, and Love,

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