17 January 2010

Personality Tests

Someone I know found this site.  It seems to be the real thing, as far as I can tell.  The sight appears to have the actual tests (or various versions thereof) with personality types, "Big 5 Global" test, Enneagram, and Jung profiling tests (more along the actual p-doc testing I think), Intelligence tests (both creativity and academic), "brain handedness", and some other tests for fun.


There is a blog of posts relating various health info to personality responses on the Jung test.  He uses a population of over 10,000 responses, ranging from 400 to 2,000 per age group seperation on the test.  Well researched for the various articles.

Finally, there are a lot of articles he refrences for fairly comprehensive explanations and developmental info on a few of the test types, personality research, and relationship between mental perception of self/general mood and your basic physical health and condition.

Have fun with it!  If you find out anything more, and happen to think of it, please comment so I could follow up on it for my blog.  Thanks!

Peace n Blessings,

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