08 February 2010

Good day, good times.  Learning a lot on how to controll myself - it takes lots of love.  Love of friends, love of community, perhaps even Love from God.  I'm still questioning and waffeling back and forth on it, but I think I might be back on the "road to salvation" so to speak.   Perhaps on the road for the first time?  The other time sure was a failure to me, from others.  Now new friends, true friends, may be getting me on the path to where I need to be to stay SANE.  To not falter - if I can just get over the protective testosterone I feel for some of the new loved ones I am meeting.
Cooking now, trying twice baked potatoes for the friends im with.  Hope they like it... gonna have to go here to work on it, but I will definately post after a nice philosophical discussion I hope to have tomorrow.  It may end up being more irrational than rational in reasoning, but it will be a view point to help me understand some approaches.
Rap with you all later!!!  Peace...

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