31 May 2010

Interesting Links on various stuff

Researchers working with Professor Gudrun Rappold, Director of the Department of Molecular Human Genetics at Heidelberg University Hospital, have discovered previously unknown mutations in autistic and mentally impaired patients in what is known as the SHANK2 gene, a gene that is partially responsible for linking nerve cells
Newly Discovered Gene Variants Lead To Autism And Mental Retardation

One in 10 new fathers experience prenatal or postpartum depression, a condition long thought to affect only mothers, according to a new analysis of dozens of earlier studies.
Having a Baby: Depression Affects New Fathers, Too

The Multisensory Interactive Learning Environment or M.I.L.E for short, is a fantastic new development in sensory room technology. It is a calming sensory room, stimulating sensory room, interactive sensory room and an Interactive learning platform - all rolled into one!

M.I.L.E - Multisensory Interactive Learning Environment

Revealing Lithium's Mode Of Action

Summing Up the NIMH Trials: Evidence of an Effective Paradigm of Care?

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