23 May 2010

was thinking about some of the benefits of ADHD - focusing with other senses and the meditative almost sleep state.
I was outside
in    the   dark
and d
         r          e
          o    p      d
              p           . .
                               .  a lid

It was fairly dark, except for 3/4 moon, and lid was in shadow.  So, since my eyes werent working anyway, i was more relaxed than I have been in months... the evil source, lilith's consort, is now gone.
so i replayed the bounce in my mind... since im at peace, it's easier.  no energy waisted on useless distractions of unkept promises, mooching, thieving, destruction of other's protperty, and basic consideration for any other past "ooh, can he beat me up?"
I focused on the change of the sound, the direction vs. how i felt it origionally fall, and the first spot i put my hand down - not questioning, but knowing i needed to sweep a certain direction a few inches, and i should feel it by then.  Actually, it was about 1/2 an inch to move the direction i planned.

Im just wondering bout the focus thing.  Those that can focus on just the one or two, awesome.  You can continue on one thing.  However, you get used to THAT ONE THING.  We're used to other things - all the time.  It's hard to long term focus, but it allows us, I think, to adapt better, on a very fundamental intuitive level, one that the "norms" can't reach immediately.

Hmm, phsycology, neurology, prayer and meditation... Interesting mix of ideas leading to unique interpretation of adding a religious/spiritual component to your metaphysical... er, world view, and creating a fuller meaning.  Begets the ever interesting Free Will -> Free Choice component of most religions to "recognizing the face of divinity" so to speak... How what one sees as the Divine (In my case, Christian God and Christ) do something unique, or is it on purpose that this area activates when a person says they are praying (any religious system) or meditating (whether for secular relaxation, a jpain control aspect, or self analisis).  Okay, back to thought...
So maybe, for us, there is an advantage.  this may actually have been much more beneficial in the past, where we could more easily adapt to the changing needs of survival.  Add the intelect to understand to force a change, can design and create, something to utilize the maximum potential of all available resources...

just a thought or two is all...

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