01 June 2010

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Summing Up the NIMH Trials: Evidence of an Effective Paradigm of Care?
In June, researchers will publish the one-year outcomes in the TEOSS trial, which assessed the merits of antipsychotics for early onset schizophrenia spectrum disorder, and thus it is now possible to summarize the results from five NIMH studies that looked at outcomes for patients treated with medications for 12 months or longer.
Newly Discovered Gene Variants Lead To Autism And Mental Retardation
Researchers working with Professor Gudrun Rappold, Director of the Department of Molecular Human Genetics at Heidelberg University Hospital, have discovered previously unknown mutations in autistic and mentally impaired patients in what is known as the SHANK2 gene, a gene that is partially responsible for linking nerve cells.
Discovery Of Stem Cell Illuminates Human Brain Evolution, Points To Therapies
UCSF scientists have discovered a new stem cell in the developing human brain. The cell produces nerve cells that help form the neocortex - the site of higher cognitive function - and likely accounts for the dramatic expansion of the region in the lineages that lead to man, the researchers say.

Revealing Lithium's Mode Of Action
However, in a study appearing in this month's Journal of Lipid Research, researchers have provided solid evidence that lithium reduces brain inflammation by adjusting the metabolism of the health-protective omega-3-fatty acid called DHA.
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