19 July 2010

more tiredness

This new stuff, Hydroxyzine Pama makes me fairly.... dull. Then this heat. keep forgetting to check that out - sun affects.
Hydroxazine Pamoate

past time to take it. wasted so much time at the idiotic Lawrence Memorial Hospital (oh hey, that's an opinion if you guys want to make a deal of it......but..........I'm gathering the paperwork to show it) they can just deal with it. complaint and copies sent all over the place.  straight up the chain to national hospital muckity mucks.
oooohhhhh.... and I hate him, too.  He knows... the only guy I feel is an enemy - his theivery, lies, etc...

so tired right now.  why are parents so lazy???  yea, right.  mine counted to 3, and did it. not to 5 or 6 then lazily get up.... oh, he needs to know the consequences...  he's getting in trouble and won't get to do what he wants...  pretty simple to know those, huh???  stupid parents

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