05 July 2010

seroquel vacation - HATED IT!!!

The current long vacation i've had has been to seroquel haze. HATE IT!! I will explain three components - thinking, dreaming, and physical reactions.

Here is a link to some FDA info... again, HA!!!  Everyone needs money, needs to invest, so nice drug companies help out the doctors.  Wonder what kind of animal relation studies are accepted???  If you consider the acceptable human trials.  And boy oh boy, what my Astrophysics and Sub-atomic Physics professors would have said about THAT for MY masters research, when they were done laughing...

First one even close relating to why it might have been used for sleep.  Another that's recruiting that is actually for me....

Basic drug info:  holy crap... i wouldn't follow THAT suggested increase of info.

Next post is the actual story...

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