27 October 2010

Boss, moods, meds.

Ran out of meds, but not a boss that thinks working too late to get to them.  Ran into a bad mood, thanks to a  boss that lies, placing his mistakes on employees and hiding behind others to avoid confrontation.  Tired of dealing with a drunk who thinks he understands anything past how to keep lawns nice.  Lacking in anything else for a landscape company - employee relations, engineering capability, sketching ability, communication ability.  Hell, he's so gone by the morn when he gets there that 3 employees going to a job can get three procedures for the day, confusing the supervisor.  If we call, we get aproached like young children who can't think.  OKAY, NEXT TIME MOTHER FUCKER I WILL DO EXACTLY WHAT YOU TELL ME, NOT CARE WHAT YOU TELL ANYONE ELSE, NOT CALL WITH QUESTIONS.
oh, and by the by, when you make changes or substitutions to the contract, tell us, and your customers.  Don't wait for us to call about extra plants, and then get put in a situation where we have to tell them that THE COMPANY OWNER made changes...
Fuckin lush

Forgot to call in to see if meds were available.  Of course, got to tell boss again I NEED to get them.  He'll just have to deal.  Untill then, he gets a sick, slightly stable bipolar person with bad stomach "bug" - think it's bacterial, BUT at this age, the way I'm finding out how it takes longer to heal.... it coulda been what would a been 1 day illness some 15-20 years ago....

anyway, hope things be better for you!!

Peace n Blessings

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