17 February 2011

I wish to thank my friends for bringing me back from an attitude of quitting the fight for the invisible handicaps of mental disorders. I also need to appologize to them for being so angry the last couple of days - I didn't know how ill I was, and how that and my lack of meds (just realized it) for two days allow me to be so unstable.

Here is also an interesting link and a comment I made, in FB, because I have jumped from warrior to Special Forces 4th Generation Army fight for the Hidden Disorders.... perhaps by my comments you can see how it's been lately...

Here's another one for those who say "It's all in your head. You can overcome anything"... Yes, I'll overcome bullying by beating the assholes up and overcoming their suppresion and repression of me. How about that solution idiots?

Bullying and Suicide - Psychiatric Times

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