09 March 2011

lost track of time real bad, had some weird depression just sat there lethary today.
Makes me freak out even more about the test.

too many pressure changes at once

Test, D&D, Working for Judge Sheppard, Daylight Savings Time, Work on Monday
And my son called - one of his friends in "group" - I don't know if it's church youth or therapy (I'm guessing therapy) committed suicide, and worried for him
stoping smoking (non nicotine), but notice even that was a bit low last few days...

Too much on my mind.

I think the Vynanse is just right on the line of effective/too much... helps, but if I let myself focus on the wrong thing, then that is when i kinda get a bit amped.  Spent almost 4 hours starting off checking when the growing season of a grass was, and ended up looking at garden stuff and water feature stuff.  Need to figgure out ways to keep myself on what Im supposed to be on track with.

I just hope I learned enough with my farting around, and can get myself on the track I need to be on!!!

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