20 August 2006

Why I'm here....

To learn, I guess, and help others along the way. Learn about self, learn how to better communicate with my child who has a similar diagnosis, help others understand what it's like inside the head of one like me. Adult now, see some patterns in son, understand he had what I probably had then (remember similar things from youth), and now, with some outside understanding, can see my patterns better and teach others they ways, some of the whys, some of the feelings so others can start to understand, and perhaps help their friends and family.

Below are some sketchy ideas and concept terms of things I want to work on later.

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Mental health

Things that will always happen every few days (one of them)
How I feel about things, or just feeling in general - esp. when the mood swings and mania strike
Things that happen with me and my son - what I see in him that reminds me of my youth
Writings on philosphy (esp. religion and cultural phenomena)
Writings of my history

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  1. You posted to BPG about friends and mirrors, but it seems to me that children are pretty good at being both. My daughter's only five, but she gives a pretty good reflection at times, and she knows me better than most of my friends at the moment. I look forward to reading more of your blog.


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