20 August 2006

Interesting News Links

As I do not have another actual web page, I am listing some links here that I use to see how the world looks at us, as well as themselves. These help me keep a more open perspective on things, and not feel as confined to a certain cultural paradigm which causes, or perhaps forces, (probably unknowingly in the majority of people) a certain limiting viewpoint.

I live with, and sometimes for, different views on life. With a mind that functions radically different, and thinks multiple trains of thought, I see things a lot differently than most. I sometimes, perhaps because of the Asperger's, son't understand why others (when I actually realize this both intellectually and emotionally - that epiphany so to speak) don't see it - some don't even know to realize that there are other ways... I know, I forget to, but am reminded MUCH more often than most....

The Times Online - A british viewpoint, based in London
Bangkok Post - Thailand's daily paper in English
China Daily - The news that China sees fit for the rest of us out of the political loop...
The Sydney Morning Herald - from way down south of me!
The Times of India - something else from the mid/far east...
United Arab Emirates - another view of the more near/far east...
Haaretz Daily Newspaper - Israel's offering from the "nearer" near/far east
Public Radio - interesting weekly shows, weekend shows, and a 'wider' view of stories
The Christian Science Monitor - World coverage with a metaphysical bent

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