04 September 2006

Caution: Possible Sensitive Subject

I've been deciding for a while if I should write this post or not. But this is a site for feelings and thoughts of the bipolar experience, so, I decided to. I have thought about it for a while, and that is why I missed yesterday's post.

This one is about the sexual drive in hypo-mania. It has been a hold on me off and on for a while, and the mass mixtue of emotions is very confusing, complex and difficult to understand. However, I believe it is something that needs to be understood, so that those around can recognize it and perhaps help redirect it or lessen the components that could be influencing it - since it is at least VERY distracting, and potentially destructive to various relationships and situations the person is in.

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  1. Interesting post. I'm surprised no one has commented on it. Although I've never actually acted out my fantasies during my "hypo" period (but who knows what I would have done if offered the opportunity or, well, nevermind), I would be totally ashamed to ever tell ANYONE. I don't think I ever could, nor will I. The closest I've come to acting them out are crazy websites that, to this day, I'm shocked at, yet...it's still strangely appealing where it would have disgusted me before. I think practically every bipolar has felt, and many have done, exactly what you are describing. That is a very common symptom. I don't know why more bipolars don't talk about it on their blogs, but I wish they did. I'm glad to know I'm not alone in thinking extreme sexual thoughts during hypo periods. It's only been during one hypo period, but once was enough. Maybe if the hypo period had been elevated even higher, who knows if I would have acted them out?


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