05 January 2007

"Oh Happy Day"

Okay, well here it is.
Got to do some Xbox this morning. Kept loosing at the same place, but didn't let it bother me.
Did some D&D stuff, too. Gonna do some more here soon.
Only four hours of work, but most of it is down time. So blogging and more D&D stuff.

Relaxed day.
Gonna go to a restraunt tonight, I think.

Listening to some groovy funk music right now.

Thinking about nice things. Stuff is not quite what I want, not as bad as I fear. But during these times, I'm glad I sometimes get into cyclical obsessing over more negative senarios - there is a greater release of stress. Noticing the release of the stress itself can be even a joy, and more relaxing.

On a higher dose of strattera. Gonna have to see how that does, too.

Well, I gotta check some stuff out, and add some new links I found interesting.

Peace and Blessings!

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