08 January 2007

Work Rant

Work is frustrating. So hard to plan around - the start time keeps changing, the hours can be 4 to 8, it's hard to plan things in the evening.
Sometimes, I will leave when it looks like about 10 to 20 minutes is all that's left, and I go just because it's close to my normal, or guesstimated leave time. This can be one of the worse things, because those of us who leave early may have one start time, and then it gets changed within that 10-20 min., and some of us are already late or very early. If we're late, too bad. More absentee points, and lost time from work that we can't make up. No matter what, we are already behind the max we can get, and it's been running upper 20's to mid 30's for about 5 weeks now. Close to 6. Add to this a room mate who is one month behind on rent to the 3rd room mate, and 1 1/2 months late on bills to me. I give him to the end of this month. The lazy cat hasn't even tried unemployment. I keep trying to tell him my experiences with a temp agency - they usually don't have you on unemployment more than a few weeks, so they can make money instead of loose money off of you. But he's still a NO GO!!!
Then I think of how the third room mate let me slide for a few months, and one time that I had bills get into a bad situation because I couldn't pay for two months, but wasn't fully open with the room mates at the time. It also had gotten worse than I thought, with a mis-communication with one of the utilities. Nothing off, but lots of late pay fees and notices.
But I'm just going to work, get my 4 to 5 hours today, and just get done and outa here. Go home and work on some relaxing stuff. Maybe get my "umph" up and running to go by the wood I need to to work on my bed. (I need to build a new platform for a larger mattress I just got from my parents. The situations with them seem to be going better and smoother.)
Back to brain dead blankness I guess. (Maybe not - some of the directions are heading to manic distractions, of the touchy-feely kind. Making me think slightly impetuously to go to a new restaurant that is 20-30 somethings hot spot...)

Take care, chill, and be dubious about the authorities convictions!

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