20 February 2007

Another Prosaic Flash

Coexisting thoughts on multi planes
Skewed transitions, fractal 'branes' constricting
Hamiltonian strings that pull transparent perceptions
Quantum transition of reality's parameter, a deception
From the irrational throws of a master
Judo Sensi blocking the attacks of logic - the demonic magical casters
Of the universal denial that there is order and truth.

Desperate to form nebulous creativity
In the limited bounds of prose, meticulously
Forming patterns and rhythms
Rituals of the formulating schisms
Created when non-thought is boxed, limited to
The controlled dimensions and limited variety, the true
Expressions of the loss of the Fire, the Plasma
The Euphoria of Massive Thought and little sleep and the

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  1. Somehow I think I could finish your sentences.....


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