17 March 2007

Been a week

I know it's been a week. Been laid off from work, and it looks like about 2 months. I just took a week to relax, semi-stabilize myself, and enjoy the weather and lack of schedule and ordering everything. It has been a nice week, tempered only by some bad feelings and guilt.
I have had a few side jobs cleaning. I was trying a joke with one of the ladies, and apparently I read her wrong. She had a large stand up shower stall with a very rough textured floor. I started a joke with commenting on how I struggled with her floor, and might have to bring back a grinder to smooth out the shower floor. When I looked at her, I could tell by her face that she was a little less of the joking type than I thought. I quickly jumped to the explanation of the joke, and I thought she got it, but apparently not. It related to a remodel job in which many bathroom fixtures had wrong model numbers. A stripped textured floor came as an extremely rough random gravely type floor. The gentleman, in the midst of some minor personal problems and running late for work, had convinced himself there was something wrong with the paint. In his anger, he had become to believe (for just a little while, he called within a few hours to apologize) that some dirt had gotten on the floor or in the material, causing the texture difference. A bad misread of personality on my part.

I would not have even been aware necessarily for another week if not for her friend ("Julie") and a friend of Julie's daughter calling within the next 3 days and cancelling their projects and weekly cleaning. This led me to believe I had made a mistake, and wallowed in self pity and lack of activity, even though I wanted to send "thank you" cards in a subtle round about way of apologizing and still showing a niceness that a rude person would not do.
Then I go get the cards, but forget addresses. I guess I will just put in post office box for their 6:00 morning pick up at the main office...

I hope things go well. Now I need to go to the parade with my child!!!

Peace and Blessings,

Wolvie 150

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