05 April 2007

I know it's been a long time. I have not had access to the internet on a regular basis, the Library's set up causes problems, and I have just been in a semi-depressed mood from lack of work. Not bad, just on the order of lethargic, allowing distractions to occur regularly when I am doing things. I did run across this, however, and thought it would be a good idea to insert:

Pergolide Products, Used to Treat Parkinson's, to be Withdrawn
Makers of pergolide products, used to treat Parkinson's disease, will voluntarily remove these drugs from the market due to the risk of serious damage to heart valves. Drugs to be withdrawn include the brand-name drug Permax and generic drugs made by Par and Teva.


I also have lost some of the imputous for this... since I have so much trouble, usually spending over 2 hours here and in travel, with no success and difficulties (things not printing out; internal server messing up every few days - too many bandaids, not enough surgery; lackadasy and uncaring assistants at the help desk, etc.)

Whinning time over. Perhaps I'll just write things daily, and come every few days for multiple posts.

I have joined a group for Bipolar and Depression - I am interested in being a volunteer for family members, and those that are just starting to learn their skills and/or med levels for these disorders.

Peace everyone!

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Peace, Blessings, I hope this can help some.