13 June 2008

Bullshit liers and mid 30's KIDS

Bullshit Lier? My lawyer says he's been trying to contact me. Says e-mails have been returned as unsendable. Well, since we talked from LAST FALL, I've been accessing my free account at least weekly. Now all of a suden he can send them? He has my phone number, he has my parents phone number, I've called him before and left messages.


My room mates? Shit, I had to get them to the airport, take care of everything, as per normal, for them. Fall back on me for money to keep utilities on. To keep rent going. Do the erands for the house cause they'er a lazy shit and won't work because their car is broke but I need money to fix it and can't pay rent but can pay for a family phone line. Can't pay full bills for over a year but can afford to leave about 1/3 of the year EACH WEEKEND to go to softball tournaments and come back and eat everyone elses food.

And my dad's best friend died Wednessday....

gota get to work, but will talk about the main thing later (my dad's friend and related) tonight, if I can.

Peace till later,

Michael Tipton

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