11 June 2008

Room mates gone! Yea!! They're supposed to send money to keep the lease for another year. They haven't even caught up this year yet, and owe me aroun $1K to $1,100 for bills and helping cover rent and late payments because one room mate was too fucking lazy to take the rent on time. So he expected me to pay 1/2 because I had been a couple of days late ONCE.

What the fuck ever. I'm sure I'm still going to need to move in a few weeks because of them, that I'll have to cover my losses on the utilities so I can keep them - damn basterds. But one is really cool, has helped me out, and owes me only about $325. The other??? Hmmmm, I've said enough.

But some peace and quiet, don't have to argue with non payers wasting electricity, keeping the house down to 70*, etc. Stupid, selfish, lazy, puppies. I'm tired of being responsible for them. I just wasn't ready this year, but will be next. I'm gone. That guy isn't going to owe me any more. I will pay my portions. If they don't, I'll shut everything off to keep it possible to restart in a semi-easy way.

But maybe I'll be amazed and they really will send $ like they said...

Yea. Whatever. The lesson for the day:

I went to your institutions, follow your rules, take care of my responsibilities like you told me, interact how society describes, and I'M CRAZY???? (paraphrase from Suicidal Tendencies song)

think about it stoopid idiots!!!!

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