17 June 2008

Father's Day

Was a pretty nice day, a little bit of melencholy near the end, my child was having some tough times with some form of overload, making him in some form of grumpy/bored-depresed attitude which sometimes can get expressed as semi-rebelious attitudes. If ones arn't careful, it can become a really bad game of stubborn.

Still the presents were really cool and thoughtful, the dinner nice, the time with him mostly good and fun. Watched some of Piglet's Big Adventure, had grilled steak... chilly moe.

Fought some blah meloncholy myself, looking at various plant forums, trying to keep up on news, etc. Things are over and done with, I've had a wonderful day and gotten things organized and cleaned, and am more psychologically together now. Ready for some more massive, long days. Ouch. Can't believe I said that. Can't believe I'm trying to get all of this overtime, but I am.
Getting really tired right now, trying to see what's up around the horticulture town.

Peace & Blessings -


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