18 June 2008

To Just be Free

Glacier fed streams
feeding crested rivers meandering past rapids to the sea.
Like the tangent thoughts
racing, by the billions, rocketing languidly into the self of me.
A thousand voices
yelling, tearing, roaring with anguish - a falling tree.
In the forest
of my fear, anger, hate, joy, love - but still so lonely.
Covertly I stare out
tearing at my walls, planning my escape from humanity.

I don't know - just tired. Tired of work, tired of my brain, tired of my life - both what I've done and how society reacts - still the same B.S. attitudes towards us, I'm just now a "mentally challenged American" - what the F'ing ever. I'm bipolar. Other people are retarded, moronic, ADD, Psychotic, etc., etc.
Do you call heart patients "Cardiovascularly inhibited bipedal entities?" (many of these new euphamismists would beg the second question - are you analyically challenged? [that means able to think, cats])
Just bagging on education in general. Something many people are still NEVER TAUGHT is how to think. It doesn't matter how much you know. Eventually you run out of knowledge on what button to push when and what level to flip now. Kinda like Metropolis, huh? But don't teach us how to THINK - taking various pecies of partially related information, experiences, and developing new strategies, tactics, understanding. That thing {called wisdom} a couple of "high school generations" younger than me (I'm early 40's) don't even realize exist... (I know, I know, I was that way too)

Rambling soap boxes, gonna listen to music. Refound Pandora - radio from the music genome project. Check it out - it's pretty cool. Rob Zombie radio channel is getting cranked, rocking. Power filling up. Joy, euphoria, power. Nothing is the same, nothing is going to change.

Screw the euphamistic, lets make laws (which are not legal by the constitution. Congress is only allowed to make amendments - no bribes to the state to follow national "opinions" (like the speed limit law and the amount of assistance from the government), the actual taxation concept, going into debt, etc. Creation of a system by stupid people. Boy, if we are to be educated, educate yourself on what and how your coundtry is SUPPOSED TO BE. Not this convoluted confusion created by self important asses to insignificant for even the piss-ant of hubris to notice them...

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