14 June 2008

Space Cowboy justa Space Truckin!!!

(cause ya know I smoke two in the morning, I smoke two at night, I smoke two in the afternoon, it make me feel alright (and end up taking less meds, too...))

Bad sleeping habits - maybe depressed, I know I am tired, and have that feeling lonely, don't want to get motivated blahs...
Door interuption - bought something from Cici's for a kid's basketball camp. Okay, whatever.
Slept so much today, may have lost a mass of flowers that was real cool - forgot to water them this morning, almost died - way dry, hope I can save them some. Will go get junk food for tonight, and then see what's a happenin'.
Gotta start cooking soon, too. Oops, need directions on cooking a roast...
Okay, now got the impulse to do a bit of shopping... just junky munchy type stuff is all...

I was going to write about sleep patterns and dysfunctional head space (for me, so that's a double shift for you!!), but I'm going to try to get these directions and go onward.

Peace for now, I will work on this and get back with you later... I am just feeling thick, wacky, and having a hard time processing anything - so slow.... but still seems to be at least as fast as anyone else......... AAARRRGGGHHH!!!

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