12 July 2008

Ways to see my brain

Been forgetting my meds a LOT lately - bad short term memory problems <-> loss of motivation <-> stress from feeling more overwhelmed than I normally would <-> and just wanting to run away, run away, run run bye bye bye bye BYE!!!!!!

Some of the various ways I have come up with to try to or have used in explaining my headspace to others:
>> Running beta microsoft on a Mac used to running Unix...
>> A three dimensional ball whose size fluctuates in time passing up and down through 2-D world. Not only does the size of my diameter magically change, it changes while changing.
>> Six cylinder, 4 valve engine with fluctuating back pressure.
>> Too many TV's & radio's on at once, trying to multitask on all of them, and getting so bored that I start to scan the newspaper.
>> House wired to run on 85 and 300 Volts (a normal is 110 adn 220), with as little as 20 or as great as 500 Volts going through.
>>Just plain... ... ... broken.

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