07 July 2008

Just another FDA money scam

Well, finally, some people are seeing, in a very sad way, some of what I had started to believe with the FDA. TOO MUCH MONEY is involved in this.

FDA and HPV: when did they know -- follow up by Cynthia Janak (she has refrences to the origional report) shows the serious doubt behind this whole thing. As well, CBS News has an article on questions being raised by the severity of the side affects (they seem fairly severe to critical), almost overboard in my opinion.

You can also go to the National Cancer Institute for info on this, but of course, I would question this due to the following statements which are found in the very FIRST PARAGRAPH. (and I quote):

"On June 8, 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of a new vaccine to prevent infection from four types of the human papillomavirus (HPV). Two of the HPV types targeted by the vaccine (HPV-16 and HPV-18) are responsible for about 70 percent of the cases of cervical cancer worldwide. The other two HPV types (HPV-6 and HPV-11) cause approximately 90 percent of the cases of genital warts. The vaccine, made by Merck & Co., Inc., is based on laboratory research and technology developed at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). NCI played a pivotal role in what holds promise to be a major public health success story. NCI continues to conduct research on HPV and cervical cancer. "

Hmm. No money involved with this holy, helpful institute's promotion of this, huh? Another bonus income from "helping" people out.
Here is the actual study for those with some training/education with research reports:

Clinical Review of Biologics License Application for Human Papillomavirus 6, 11, 16, 18 L1 Virus Like Particle Vaccine (S. cerevisiae) (STN 125126 GARDASIL), manufactured by Merck, Inc.

But for a less biased opinion: from NIH's medline plus: What is HPV?

I just never liked how they accepted depakote...

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