09 August 2008


Fuzzy head, filled with the oatmeal of awareness, an unwanted coating not unlike the morning fungas on the teeth invading my thoughts. Gnashing at my mind, tearing into the bliss that was the beautiful sliver of death known as sleep.
Pushing thoughts back, to cut out the pain. Hope, love, dreams shattered and cut out from my soul, showing me that I really did have one with this person. Now, nothing but a lump of tar that should have become a diamond, instead it is nothing but an unstable mass of carbon ions in a near unstable state with the strong force.

Eternal sleep, I dream of that each time I wake. Give it to me, or quit teasing me. The one who made kittens also made the snakes and the grass they hide in. I will find a way to slap that laughing bully, if one does exist. Shit would be a LOT more together than it is. It always has been this way, always near the end of the world. always apographists, idiots of fear, weakness, and desperation. rapture of death - from the endorphins you idiots, not from some ghost floatin along to make you alive again. STOOOOPID idiots.

leave me alone. I am a lepper to you, for I see you from way outside your box, and see many of the others. Just climb back in, close the lid, and keep pretending your safe.

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