11 December 2009

Flash Back Song

 Bobby Brown's My Prerogative

okay, so he's dancing funny, but, i just heard this song again.

Listen closely - and you'll hear it.  The ups, the downs, the beautiful, burning, explosive chaos, constrained within and by it's own existance - the fight against the paradigm, the search for self and truth...
the desperate desire to be true to self, no matter what it is.
When I heard this in HS, I loved it.  Was desperate to understand it, desired it, needed to.  Somehow, I knew in the absoluteness within my mind, that if I understood this song, what it said, then I could tell others how I was broke...  I knew I was, I just couldn't tell people.
Now I know, what I needed to understand was myself, find the questions that I am supposed to be asking... what I needed to know was that I understood how I was broken, and what the differences were, because I was already practicing -
All the world's indeed a stage

And we are merely players
Performers and portrayers
Each another's audience outside the gilded cage

Living in the limelight, universal dream
For those who wish to seem
Those who wish to be
Must put aside the alienation
Head on with the fascination
The real relation, the underlying theme
 ("Limelight" by Rush.  ergh, gotta check.  hold on)  (yepper.  should have known a nerd would have known a nerdy band) {check their bio.  they're pretty frikin smart.  I mean mind exandingly smart if you really want to read it.  The esotericness of the imagry, the simplicity of lyrics more complex than their chordal and rythmic changes...  WOW}

practicing putting on that mask.  figguring out were the bars on my cage were, and constantly pushing them back, bending them, as the ignorant, mentally limited freaks try to squeeze me in....
These are the thoughts and feelings as they happen. The subject matter and verbage may be of a more mature nature, and may be considered sensitive by some. In respect for that, I shall try to remember to give headers (with some space before post) and attempt to just "suggest" sensitive verbage.

Peace, Blessings, I hope this can help some.