31 December 2009

Rates Of Common Mental Disorders Among American Youth Tracked By National Survey

Only about half of American children and teenagers who have certain mental disorders receive professional services, according to a nationally representative survey funded in part by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). The survey also provides a comprehensive look at the prevalence of common mental disorders.

The answer I can never find, but always ask, is where is the root of the data?  Do they ask only mental health care professionals?  Only Pediatrics (who might be too generalized to notice the difference between acute, chronic, and true clinical vs. symptom-like cases)?  A combination of both?  Are the sources they used part of a peer-reviewed publication?  What is the authority and history of those that performed the research?  Sources of income????

Im I just too obsessively thourough, too paranoid, or just knowledgable in the ways of how ppl take information and skew it to support thier pseudo science?????

discuss amongst yourselves while I prepare next post....

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