29 December 2009

Weird Memory from youth

This video reminded me of a time when I had 4 teeth pulled in 5th or 6th grade, and had lots of novacaine.  I remember my dad pulling me gently to the car outside.  He said I had been wondering around in circles a couple of times, so he helped me along.
I remember the feelings of excitement at the new sensation.  How I wanted to keep this sense of feeling different, of finally feeling good.  It was a strange sensation, but one that i seemed to enjoy more than most.  I remember wanting to do hyperventalation games too, so i could feel that sensation of nearly passing out.
So at an early age, I believe, was already the foundation for addiction.  Not neccessarially to any one thing, but to finding a way of being happy, of feeling different than my normal self....

The beginning signs of self medication?

David After Dentist:  YouTube

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