28 December 2009

Another Reason to be a Conspiricy "Nut"

I was lookng at a few articles.  The first one makes the Zyprexa sound oh so wonderfull now, because the FDA accepts it for kids.
Read the next one.  It explains how the trials were at most, 6 week studies for adults.  Well, Dr.'s can prescribe it for children now, but must be "extra carefull" of the problem symptoms.  If you are supposed to be extra careful, how does that make it safe???  Or am I just confused about society?

FDA Approves Lilly's Zyprexa For Two Adolescent Indications

The Kicker:  Zyprexa (Olanzapine) on RX list web site.  esp. look at pages 2 & 4.  The date of this info is: July 2008.  I would also research news reports for the last year on this drug, too.

now a note from Autism:  Autism Expert Available To Speak On CDC's New Autism Rates

Here is another, but I do note this:  typical ranges for errors in large populations that follow typical research guidelines is aroun 1-2 percent.  This is what is typically present in peer reviewed physics and chemistry research.  Since thier "increased risk" falls into this range, I want to chec out who did it and who supported it.  Especially after what's been shown about FDA's "scientific methodology" (as I cough and scoff) as well as NAMI's financial support being shown as mostly drug companies, it makes me wonder.

well, you go to the CDC website to check out their budget and financial reports, and you get a blank page.  Check it out!  CDC Financial Management Office
Finally found one.  check page 24 (this was the 2010 budget projection, the only FY that showed up from 2006 to 2010)  Check out some of thier increases.  AIDS Study, Child Immunizations, School Health, Pregnancy Prevention, Emerging Infectious Disease...  Even if this is 100% congressional, where are the Lobbyists?  hmm, the drug companies, biological transportation and private research companies...  am I just paranoid, or does anyone else see this possibility of questionable EXCLUSIVE resource of information, if it's valid at all?

See why i scream RESEARCH AND PROPER SCIENTIFIC METHOD???  Maybe not.  Maybe just me...  but just in case, here it is for you to decide weather to question the info or not.

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