03 December 2009

Who's YOUR Master??

A warning I always pay attention to.  From my youth - watch out for who's your master!!!

Master of Puppets by Metalica

Master of Puppets by the muppets

To know the sweet desire of coke, crack, meth, amphetamines, alchohol, cannabis - must remember I am the Master!!!  Chains upon chains - either myself or my demons...  easy choice, gets easier each day....  ah, but the sweet taste.  Such a beautiful taste!!!
These are the thoughts and feelings as they happen. The subject matter and verbage may be of a more mature nature, and may be considered sensitive by some. In respect for that, I shall try to remember to give headers (with some space before post) and attempt to just "suggest" sensitive verbage.

Peace, Blessings, I hope this can help some.