13 January 2010

When the public pays the bill, who decides whether a pricey new drug is worth the cost?

For Florida's Medicaid patients, those recommendations come from a panel of doctors and pharmacists who review medications to determine if they should be on the state's preferred drug list.
But a meeting today of the group has sparked warnings that if two expensive new treatments for schizophrenia are rejected, it could be devastating for the mentally ill.

Who's behind the warning? Janssen, maker of one of the new drugs under consideration. Janssen's Invega Sustenna is a monthly injection for schizophrenics that costs up to $2,000 per shot.

Article from St. Petersburg Times

This ain't the only time they pushed for thier shit with half-assed studies that show nothing in the true sense of the Scientific Method!

Real blog comming later today.  Just had to get this out to you all!!!!

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