12 January 2010

You Just Have to Be Kidding Me!!!  Having KIDS, let alone anyone write such generic, stupidly damaging, subjective statements is so wrong.  Expectations by the Therapist/P-Doc so they can tear the little ones down "you got upset.  you didn't control your anger.  remember, we are a supressed society that doesn't know how to be that way....bt we pretend.  Bad, bad mental patient boys and girls...."

With crayons between their fingers, they color on a sheet of paper after writing promises to their parents -- "to control my anger," "to make good grades" and "to go to the good side" when deciding what path to take in life.

In a room at Halifax Health Behavioral Services on Jimmy Ann Drive, 10- and 11-year-olds are dealing with adult issues -- depression and mood swings.
Chid's Suicide raises Medication Questions  -  it better, like who tested, population sizes, how long, and under what conditions?

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