06 February 2010

A bit about the day in the morning. Compare to Night?

This is quite a wonderful morning today.  Feel like I'm where I should be in my head space.  Have been for quite a while, actually.  Today I will do D&D, hope like crazy to figgure a few more things out on the specific html commands, and have to go get my laptop fixed.  I was a "bit too energetic" on explaining to my wireless connection what it had to do, and I somehow screwed up royally (F.U.B.A.R.E.D.) - might have even put the internals into a cluster-f'ed situation.
Calm, peacefull, serene, even with a gaggle of little girs in the house.  yee heh hardy har har he, he, snort, Desil slept with us...giggle...he's silly cause....giggle...run off...  but it's kinda cute, too.  Kinda fun to enjoy, in a mildly massochistic way, for sure.
Well, just wanted to say things are still as groovy as last night.  Gotta wash face n hands, change, and try not to obsess about cleaning my friends house.  At least they're cool and understand.

Let me think about a pair of eyes I saw in the mall the other day.... beautiful, and enough volumes of life and understanding that could have refilled Library of Alexandria!!!!

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