06 February 2010

Learnin a bit

Today I was at a mall, and I thought I might have a really hard time.  It was a strange place, new people, 6 girls around the age of 10, 3 new women, and two young boys with various degrees of autism. 
Okay, so you're thinkin, this is Wolvie, right?  PARTY TIME!!!!  Ahem, uh, yah, right...  So, here we are, walking through the mall, girls running wild, everyone moseying along...  I tried to be the nice gentleman, calling the women "mam" and the girls "ladies" and just being with the guys while they were there, so I would be calm as long as possible.  A few times I walked out just to let a bit of the pressure go, and looked around, watched patterns of movement.  Also, by taking some pictures, I was able to partially interact, and ease some of the tension I had.
Then I learned an interesting lesson.  Two major ones, in fact.  One was about the sense of pourpose.  When you feel that you are needed in a way that may not be fully understood or appreciated, but must be fullfilled.  One that, by the act of fulfillment in and of itself, creates less and less appreciation of the job.  One done that no one can complain about the job you do, even if they might not appreciate you as a person.  This is that there is a sense of honor to protecting the Innocents, whatever their age or need ~ the duty of a Soldier, a Warrior ~ NOT one who enjoys the pain or loss of liberty of others.
The second is that there is a bigger pourpose to chivalry than I thought.  While nice and romantice, it is also a great way to gently guide those you need to protect.  By being nice, you can stall at the correct times, adjust speeds, protect, keep healthy, those who protect and nuture the Innocents.  While the woman must be aware of the dangers, buy guiding her around the incident, by keeping her safe, comfortable, warm ~ by aiding her with things, she knows she can depend on you.   {perhaps not quite as piggish of a way to see it???}

Peace ya all!!  (been lovin that accent here - so awesome and beautiful!!!)

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