20 February 2010

I know I've been horrible about this...

Sorry gang.  The trip did make me very contemplative.  Time dealing with a stupid move that has put me in a situation where my militar history and chances to vote and go visit and join a very important family to me.  This only happens to be the family that showed me how to find and heal my heart over years of pain and hate.
So in honor of that family, I have a post of deep philosophical contemplation coming up.  It has to deal with the leap of faith, law of probabilities, and the continuous discussion of of logic/illogical with rational/irrational.  The ways the two sides match, the way they don't agree, and Occam's Razor. Quite possibly one about Free Will with Chaos Theory and Entropy from an Epistomalogical standpoint.
I know above may SEEM like it doesn't fit, but it will all be based upon various experiences I've had, and how it relates to my perceptions of my senses, and perhaps even as esoteric as perceptions of perceptions.  So perhaps this CAN give you a bit of an insight into how we take common experiences and create slightly different things.

Oh, also, it will show the travels of pain and hatred of inequality I've had...


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Peace, Blessings, I hope this can help some.