18 February 2010

Some awesome Autism Links about Brain Function and Contact (touch)

The posts at the bottom are a few days old.  Also, I appologize for the last two weeks, but I was on a trip which ended up being a mental then emotional (not overwhelming here) cleansing.  Found the joy I used to have.  Didn't realize I could, but found a heart that fills, glues, and adds more to mine than I ever thought was possible with a GROUP of people, let alone ONE AMAZING ONE!!
That also made me make a decade or two in the metaphysical leaps.  And got me more refocused again.  Have to find my blogging books, get this printed out so it runs like I want.  THEN get to the appologetics...

Well, here they be.  Will do a real one later this afternoon.  Promise!

In Schizophrenia And Bipolar Disorder, Life Is Not Black And White

...decade of work by the APA in reviewing and revising DSM.

New Clue Why Autistic People Don't Want Hugs

Insight Into Causes Of Autism: Brain Study

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