22 February 2010

Part 1.1

A Corralary to above:  Acceptance of consequences and responsibilities.  While this wording, and perhaps even the supportive argument for this is more under "Free Will, Chaos, and Entropy", I present it here because this is where the concept comes from.
Going along the path of needing to support the rational/irrational decisions with logic, there are "answers" which may involve, or even prove why, the responsibility is yours to handle.  I could even hit you with it being a "natural ethic" growing out of my Free Will Moral Imperative.  In other words, the actions you perform and the results of others are yours.  The rational and irrational components work together in this.

I toss this out here, because part of my problems with some of the religious, part of the "Where does that slope truly start? What's the rate of acceleration? Does it change? Is there a flat spot where if you walk with your feet sideways, or set of ski's even, that you can stop on? One so small that most people just fly over it because they are walking at thier normal speed and can't slow down?"  Or do people, again, need the recipie method to make them aware of the existance of a problem and how to deal with it?  Come on cats, THINK!  (I know I don't do it all the time, either...)

Deep unnecessary questions I ask myself all the time. It hurts the head sometimes gang... it really does. Like a pressure building up inside that you can't get rid of because it's all moving faster and more and more umprocessed info is in the quese, wiith more and more related thoughts demnding attention time. 
That's why I hit my head... unless I am needing to jump start it.

Anyway, is this one of the reasons I left Christianity and religion? Just like I want to leave humanity? Even if they are getting "smarter" by knowing more stuff, they don't understand it, they can't utilize it to understand new and different things. So they just go with Christ protecting from Satan's attacks and prayer answers. No thought about their beliefs, just that they do. No rationalization of it. Then the first few times they think about it and it really sits in, there is an irrational response tied to it that can cause an incorrect, therefore illogical approach to any further attempts of proper rationalization.

I have a friend who keeps telling me that people who look at IQ related stuff say that there is around a 10 to 15 point jump every 2 generations. So we have more gadgets to deal with, making us aware of more situations that required more "recipes" to follow as another says. People are really good at that. Then there are those who just know the taste of the herbs, and once the double check the basic taste of the food, go for it with only a general idea of what to exactly add, but an EXACT idea of what to end with.

Then there's them there that are like me.. {heh, ill tell you i typed lime for like me cause my hands are too slow any more} I need the recipe to help repeat and keep the general cooking instructions in mind, but then there is the more chef like part. And thank goodness the chef is creative as hell... well, probably more creative than those cats cause most of the time it seems Im spacing off? It's because Im actually reviewing what I do remember, and come up with the necessary missing steps. Without this analyzing and synthesizing, what good is the factual knowledge of this button for this menu grouping for this word?
BIG FUCKIN DEAL DUDES... I learn it each and every time in about the same rate you remember how to do it!!!!

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