01 March 2010

Subconscious Affinities, sensory idea, and a bit of info

Just some curious questions.  I wonder if those of us who are broken similarly - the sort of spectrum where there is an awareness of two levels of sensory information - sense that in others?  Just a curious wonderment because a coupl of times I have connected a bit faster with some people, and a bit deeper than expected with a third.  But maybe just my decades of analyzing self, so I have so many refrences, understand several variations, derivations - deiations - that it is I who relates faster than the others?  was just wondering.  Im sure there is something more than just "hallucinations of a visual or auditory sense, delusions, or mental disorder that affects the ability to interpret the common reality" etc., etc. - our skewed thinking, our unique patterns, the levels of knowing we are messed up with the various levels of being able to communicate and hide it.  Maybe a bit of both.  Maybe I know how to work with the connections faster and communicate them to others better.  Maybe it's nothing I do at all, but the other's just see it in my soul.

Sensory ideas:  remember, we have a hard time with face recognition, and tone too.  we may not think we are angry or hurt or giddy sounding or looking, when we are.  Or it may seem worse, don't know.  But it is.  Please remember, please gently remind.  If you have Bipolar, BPD, or Autism, and are reading this, please member, and listen to the gentle reminders of your circle.

Ahhhhh.... the "circle"....  Hmmm, I think I like amoeba better.  tell you why later, if I 'member (Mad Max, Beyond the Thunderdome).

Bit of info:  The Coalition For Vaccine Safety Calls For Congressional Hearings On Federal Agencies' Failure To Provide Adequate Safety Research

I think this one is kinda cool:
Depression’s Upside

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