15 February 2010

Posting a tattoo a friend did of a heart out of puzzle peices.  It is in honor of the person's child, who has Autism.  I am thinking of doing one for my child, including the puzzle peices, the first initial, and a floral theme, or with a butterfly.  I shall post some ideas and see if I get some responses.
I also plan on improving this with some books I have on bloging that I need to really start reading tomorrow.  Have a major problem to take care of.  We'll see how it goes, I might tell you about it, depending on what I end up with.
Crap, forgot to go deal with blood test.  Need to try to get through the snow tomorrow or the next day.

Here is the picture. I think the person and tattooo is beautiful.

Here is a post on some of the stuff I rant and rave about.  Glad someone else sees it.  Now people won't think it's the mad ramblings of a crazy excentric dude.

Think Beyond the Label: Society’s Hopelessly Mixed Message While people discount some psychological labels, they reify others
Published on February 9, 2010
Peace, Blessings.  I'll have to tell you about my trip, my conversion (or rapid process to, final stages of questiong...someone had an awesome term for it, but I forgot.  will have to constipate (yes, constipate - ha, ha) about it...)

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