09 March 2010

Aroosha Drill Seargeant!!!

I saw this program where they were extolling the virtues of separating the sexes because of learning differences. It made things easier. But to separate because of learning styles is tough to get them to do. I don't know why we had to fight this city so hard with SpEd concerning our child???

But I do see this problem. We do need to make adaptations. To make these adaptations, we have to learn skills to do that, on our own or with help. If we can't adapt, then we are useless to this society. Locked away, forgotten, ignored, tossed aside, used, left behind...
A lot of people do not really know HOW to do things, just follow steps. A recipe person as my roommate says. When A then B and get C. What if A prime is similar enough to A that it isn't noticed, but C prime is really different? The recipe people are lost on what to do... how to figure it out. Some of them are even too lazy or confused to do anything else other than sit down. How is that beneficial to society? That's what everyone does? That's how we're supposed to act? STUPID, IGNORANT AND FOOLISH. We would have stagnated thousands of years ago!!! Maybe, we actually did ~ I don't know, since we do act that way throughout recorded and verbal histories.
If this is the typical, shouldn't then we separate the creative, the academic, and the masses? Teach the masses to be good little Deltas and Epsilons, the slightly past the curve to claim the "vaunted" Gama status, while put me in with the Alphas and Betas (Mr. Huxley had it right on) and let me live in THAT version of reality denial. [time out.... distracting thoughts of LDW, floral prints, and hoods]. Let me be alone to do the creation and improving that will benefit you-send your hubric Gamma's out there and feel superior with their memory and knowledge of how to look shit up that someone ELSE figured out or designed. Ooooooohhhhh - you can look it up, but can't tell me why. Then ignore me or bitch at me when I indirectly tell them how stupid they are because the didn't EXPLAIN anything. Just spurting out an answer they saw doesn't mean anything, people!!

I guess all this is leading up to this: just because we have mental disorders, we ARE NOT LESS. Just because a person has a weak heart doesn't mean they can't do physical things, they have to adapt.

Like we do - adapt, improvise, and overcome... right SOILDERS!?

I am a Fort Bliss Stud - one of last ALL male cycles. Damn straight I'm proud!
My Drills taught me not only that but how to learn and temporarily surpass my limits!

(unlike the stupid MBA'S of the 80's and 90's... thanks for having so many people do so many made up virtual jobs, guys!!  Virtual jobs = virtual money = virtually nothing)

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