24 March 2010

Now for a REAL post!!

Here are a couple of interesting links:

If you're following the Rebecca Riley trial

Defining children's behaviors might not be such a good thing

The diagnosis temper dysregulation disorder is being proposed as a new category that may be used by clinicians instead of bipolar disorder for children.

The DSM is the official book of mental disorders recognized by the American Psychiatric Association. I call it my clinical bible, in that it classifies mental disorders and is used as a tool to diagnose patients. Insurance companies use it to decide whether mental-health professionals should get paid.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, "The DSM-5 Task Force and Work Group members are working to develop criteria for diagnoses that not only reflect new advances in the science and conceptualization of mental disorders, but also reflect the needs of our patients. The DSM was to be out for publishing in 2010. It is now expected to be released in May 2013. Extending the timeline will allow more time for public review, field trials and revisions, said APA president Alan Schatzberg.

Anger and explosive moods in children are not new.

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