15 March 2010

Warning - Im talking about STUPID IDIOTS - language warning

I just HATE that we have to go to the lowest common denominator with things.  I have a stupid, but I think Im smart because I look things up and rattle facts off to you and collect facfts but I don't know how to synthesyze.  Can't tell you "why", but just loves to say "what I've been reading it seems", "I think..." oh, your really making me think? Well, I just get all huffy about how I can't take the time to explain the intricasies of what I'm saying and read.  Geeze...  really.  He is the epitimie of "push button recipie idiots".
Another fact my room-mate loves to brag about as his own opinion and insight (untill he rattles off all of the stuff he's read by different experts - but can never mention a site, a name, nothing.  NEVER.. even after he says he just lookd it up.  Once, he showed me one of his so called "experts" who agreed with him about medicating people.  One, it was a blog.  Two, it was a physician responding to peoples requests for assistance in researching this, and the conversation was about trying new drugs in general.    And the physician was pushing natural products...  GREAT SITE FOR AN EXPERT, DUDE!!!  oh, wait, IT agreed with you... I GET IT!!!!  fuckin stupid shit self centered assinine idiots, like all the others, who are "smarter" just because the learned more recipies on which buttons to push. 
But I've not seen creative intell go up.  I've not seen the understanding of early college math, physics, biology or chemistry concepts any better than myself or my parents did.  Okay, so maybe my kid heard of a new chemical and it's properties that I didn't hear of, but does that truely grant an understanding of the manner in which to utilize it?  If a new standard, ideal case or variable is introduced, and I understand the basics, I can integrate it.
Unfortunately for the masses, this is not the case.  It appears to be nothing more than a bunch it's the "in one ear out the other Im not interested" BS to them, and then TRUE knowledge is lost...

So once again going for the common denominator takes us down, down, down, the lazy slope of mental entropy....


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