16 March 2010


Just because MBA's mess with my sense of social responsibility, I not against ALL upper management...

man, I wish the last two days I hadn't forgotten to get coffee while I was out.  Sucks.  Brain hurts, perhaps minor addictive problems.

Calling a friend about the Wii.  My child has one, and they told his mom that they didn't think it had one (he's had it almost a year now).  Well, my child has stolen credit cards and bank account numbers.  Because of the situation of theft, and "recorded and proven" (LIKE A PEDIATRITIAN PROVES NEUROLOGICAL DISORDERS.  DON' SEE A PEDIATRITION CUTTING INTO PEOPLE...HOW CAN THEY KNOW THE BRAIN??)  Anyway, back to the point is that with all of that info, they shut out certain accounts from the sever so he can not access it anywhere.  If it is purchased from the Wii IP or IP connected to Wii's local router, then they will contact for confirmation.  Not a bad idea for some of you. 
I also believe they have routers that you can utilize security controlls to the point of locking out certain IP and/or file headers, and they may have parental controll things for certain tags, too.

oops, time to cruise.  will talk later you all!!!

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