22 April 2010

A couple of Autism links...

I will try to member to do a talk about the stress recently... oh, yea, and a technique.  One of the reasons why im into blackholes and other powerfull cosmic events, the remnants of them, and high energy particle physics/ quantum and chaos theory.. yes, they will fit into a nice flowing whole.

[ASIDE]:  Then there is... damn, I forgot.. oh, discussions on chaos theory applying in an functional method for free will... but that is such a major epistomalogical discussion on subjective and somewhat objective emperical data, which starts with the question "do I exist?  What exists? are perceptions true???" yikes.  Yah, I was too smart for that bitch, and that other one.  Just glaze over and completely ignore, and MF PRETEND to pay attention?  Say "huh?" or just flat out tell me to shut up?  But they both got pissy at me if I glazed over with what THEY wanted...chewed me out if I asked them to be quiet... even if it was a sensory thing.  Screw it, all 4 of the "majors" were... crap in the sense of equality.  so much I don't count two, I try to forget.  But they were steps in my relationship development.  YES, I NEEDED TO CHANGE. I also needed help and understanding but it wasnt' mine to recieve, but I better give it!!!. 
     But then there is LDW...
          COMPLETELY different,
               teaching me how to believe in many things...
Big Smile!!

Now to the posts...

Well, think about this.. hope it helps... talk about free will later!!!

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